WhatsApp will not delete an account that does not accept its new privacy update, but after “several weeks” users will not have access to their chat list, and they may not be able to answer the incoming phone or video calling throughout the app. WhatsApp does not delete the account.

Last week the Facebook company said users will never see the deletion or lose the functionality of their accounts on that date if they do not accept their privacy policy update by its May 15 deadline.

On its website, WhatsApp said it continues to remind those who have not had an opportunity to review and accept the terms, and after several weeks, “the reminder (that) persisted.”

WhatsApp clarifies on updated privacy policy: 7 things you should know |  91mobiles.com

It did not, however, disclose the schedules for these reminders.

Explaining the course of action after the user receives ‘persistent’ reminders, WhatsApp said: “You will find limited functionality with WhatsApp at that time until you accept the updates.”

“This is not going to happen simultaneously to all users. Your chat list cannot be accessed but you can still reply to incoming telephone and video calls. If notifications have been activated, you can tap them to read or answer a message, or call back a failed telephone or video call,” he said.

After a few weeks of limited functionality, the Message Platform says that users who do not agree to the terms, “cannot receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp stops sending messages and calls to your telephones.”

WhatsApp said it will not delete user accounts if it doesn’t accept the update, but emphasises that its current inactive user policy is applicable.

Upon Activation Of A Persistent Memory, WhatsAPP Users Start To Lose Functionality.

After a couple of weeks of such a life, WhatsApp will then restrict things by completely stopping calls and messages, making it useless.

There is no way basically not to accept these policy amendments if you want to continue to use WhatsApp, although the company has said that this will not delete accounts. If you choose, users can delete their own accounts, but this move is irreversible.

While 15 May is not a tough deadline, you are cut off or bugged into accepting WhatsApp. So now you can also make your decision.

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