According to reports, Apple has discontinued all Space Grey-colored Mac and iMac accessories. This comes just days after Apple unveiled the new iMac 2021 in a variety of vibrant colours, but without the Space Grey option.

There are a few Space Grey accessories still available through the Apple Store, but they will only be available while supplies last.

Great space gray Mac keyboard alternative to Apple's Magic Keyboard

We double-checked the Apple India Store, and all of the Space Grey accessories were in stock and ready to ship. The Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and trackpad are among them. According to The Verge, once the stock of these Space Grey accessories runs out, they will be permanently out of stock

Apple has not confirmed whether or not it will discontinue its Space Grey accessories.

Why Is Apple Phasing Out Space Grey ?

According to the report, Apple is discontinuing Space Grey accessories because it no longer wants to manufacture Black lightning cables. All Apple products, with the exception of the Space Grey accessories and a few select Beats headphones, come with a White lightning cable.

However, this appears to be a bit odd, given that Apple still sells Space Grey M1 MacBooks, and users may want to use them with a color-matched external accessory, such as a mouse. If the report is correct, Apple may have simply replaced the in-box cable with the standard White colour option.

Apple Space Grey products: Where did they come from?

Apple’s first Space Grey product was the Space Grey iPhone 5S, which was released in September 2013. In October of the same year, the colorway was extended to the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air.

The first MacBook with the colorway was released in October 2015. Since then, Space Grey has been the default colour on a variety of Apple products.

Space Grey Magic

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