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Chris Gayle made his international debut in 1999 and since then has accumulated over 1,500 wickets and over 3,000.

On Tuesday, Chris Gayle, the batsman for the West Indians and Punjab Kings, was 42. (September 21). On Tuesday, the self-proclaimed “universe boss,” as Punjab Kings take over Rajasthan Royals in the 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL), will celebrate its birthday on the cricket field. Yuvraj Singh, a former player for the Royal Challengers, went on social media to wish a happy birthday.

In India, a Gayle dance video was published on the famous MJ’s Moonwalk’ in the night, trying to sing the Yuvraj song by Michael Jackson.

In an Instagram post, Yuvraj challenged Gayle, saying he was a “better dancer” than the Indian captain Virat Kohli.

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Image Source : Times Now

# UniversalBoss @ ChrisGayle333, # UniversalBoss @ ChrisGayle333, # UniversalBoss @ ChrisGayle333, # UniversalBosCongratulations on your birthday.- formalized paraphraseCongratulations on your birthday.With MJ’s movements, I hope for a lot more epic nights. Do you know who’s a better dancer than I am? @virat.kohli Yuvraj writes on Instagram.

With a smiley and an emoji heart, Gayle replied to Yuvraj Singh’s post. Yuvraj’s wonders of the birthday can be seen here…

Gayle made his world debut in 1999 and has accumulated over 1,500 sixes and 3,000 fours in his career.

He is also the only batsman to have won 14,000 T20 runs, making him history’s most prolific batsman. The Western Indians won two of the three T20 World Cups, and Gayle will play a leading role in the UAE team when the tournament starts next month.

In test cricket, Gayle also has a fantastic record. He is the only man ever to have played three hundred years, an ODI two hundred years, and a T20 international century. It now holds the record for the highest T20 score.

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