Do You Have A Jewellery Collection.....Try This..!

Do you have a collection of jewellery..! Will you be attending a marriage feature? Then it is time to add some colours, so that your wedding function look is closed. These are some trendy shades that you can take into account before buying wedding jewellery.

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Tejas Nagda, CEO, Antara Jewellery’s Operations & Marketing, speaks about the fashionable shades of your jewellery collection. Saphire Blue A stunning blue coloured gemstone or bright sea colour is immediately recalled in the Blue Sapphire.

This eternal gem has been a symbol of youth, hope and faithfulness for centuries.

Blue Sapphire: Blue Sapphire paddled earrings are split in uncut diamonds and can be fused to colour your gem game with shades such as white, black or rose.

You can consider using small saphir stubble if you want to maintain the look minimal but attractive. Jewelry of green gemstone Green is definitely an off-beat shade when it comes to gemstone, but this all-present colour is an inventory.

Although it requires extra effort to choose green gems like smart and quartz, the wonderful shade and rareness of them make them especially valuable stones.

Chokers are a versatile statement of style in hues of emerald green.

Green raani saphir hair, emerald nath, tikkas maang, Subtler tones for play Gold could be the favourite choice for some, but those who want to go down the less-than-more path may take a subtle analogue shade to group the more harmonious, yet striking effect of coloured gems and diamonds.

The wearers can express their personality with subtly coloured stones. Whimsical designs with pink, tanzanite, tourmaline and aquamarine pillars of all colours provide more subtle canvas.

The dramatic hues of nature You can consider embracing the daring, bright colours inspired by Nature if you want to take a break from sober jewels.

Flora or rainbows inspired shades create playful designs. For example, diamonds and vibrating gems in corner stone are great for the add of colour to your jewellery, which is delicately paved with glossy blue petals or shaded saphires lined with golden wavy stalk. A

n extraordinary gemstone can also contain the Ombre effects and beautifully clashing colours.

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