Follow These Tips To Store Your favourite Books..!

Books are essential. Regardless of the number of advances made by technology, they never can be substituted.

Tips + Tricks: How To Store Books Properly And Safely | Book Riot

This world of books is all about the smell of books, the texture of pages, and the way you read each line and create visuals in your mind. You must have tonnes and tonnes of books in your home, if you are a book lover.

But where and how do you store it, is the real question? The storage of books in a way that they are not deformed or destroyed may be quite difficult. There are also some smart ways to safely store your books.

If the bookshelf is in place to store your books, make sure that it is located near an internal space with room for air circulation as well.

The position of the shelf near the outer wall may result in fluctuations in temperature, which in turn can cause a damage to the books.

Choose the kind you stack books properly and smoothly so that none of the books will fall or be injured when you choose the bookshelf.

Many books have book jackets that people remove because they see it merely as a decor.

Book jackets, however, protect the books against dust and scratch, and keep your books on the jackets.

Make sure that your spines are visible while they are stacked up. Be sure that neither page is folded. Begin with the biggest books on the bottom and put them like a pyramid.

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