Karnataka Government Extends Lockdown With Relaxations

Karnataka government would remove the restrictions soon, Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa announced on Wednesday that coronaviruses have not yet been removed from the state.

Karnataka lockdown likely to be extended, CM Yediyurappa says this

It is therefore impossible to lift the lock-down completely. He said, however, that the government planned to gradually extend the lock in the state by relaxing.

In a news daily, the state administration in Karnataka is extending its lock-down with relaxation because cases in Karnataka are not controlled yet.

Currently, the state is under lock-down until June 7 and it was speculated. “I will have a discussion with all to make a decision on the lock-down measures.

Especially importantly I decided to allow the export participants. So, Thursday will allow for export-oriented business,” said Yediyurappa.

In its report to the Government the CoVID-19 Technical Advisory Committee had previously indicated that the positive rate must be less than 5% and that the number of instances should be lower than 5,000.

At first, the State government announced a “close” period of 14 days from 27 April, and later it imposed a total lockdown of 10 to 24 May, as the cases of COVID continued to spike.

The Karnataka government considered phased-in lockdown in Karnataka on May 31 by easing restrictions, provided that the COVID-19 infections in Bengaluru were reduced to less than a thousand daily.

In fact, the government was looking for a more effective solution. “When I opened one sector after the other, I gave my opinion to Chief Minister Bs Yediyurappa on the phased opening of lockdown,” Ashoka said.

When discussing lifting the restrictions on 7 June, the Minister said that some sectors had requested the lifting stage by stage of the restrictions. The Minister however warned that if the number of infections did not decrease in the state, the lockout would continue.

“The limitations will only be alleviated by the reduction of infections. In Delhi, for instance, about 1,000 cases a day are involved. The number is supposed to be less than 1,000 a day in Bengaluru, but only between 2,000 and 3,000 in Karnataka.

Only the government will then consider The chief minister has stated that some sectors may be relaxed by announcing the authorisation from Thursday for export-oriented enterprises. He said he will discuss measures to be adopted regarding lockouts with everyone.

The Chief Minister said he will make a decision. Above all, the chief minister declared that he decided to authorise the export participants.

The total number of infections reaching 26,04 lakh and the total number at 29,090, Karnataka registered on Monday, less than 20,000 new COVID-19 cases, with 411 deaths.

The day saw also 44,473 releases and there were still more than 16,604 cases. Of the 16,604 cases that were newly reported Monday in Bengaluru, 3,992 were urban, with 20,332 discharges and 242 deaths in the city.

The most deaths in Bengaluru Urban (242) were reported by Belagavi in 15, Mysuru and Shivamogga in 13, Hassan in 12, Rural Bengaluru, Dharwad in 10, and Kannada in Uttara in the following years in 10).

In total, over 2,97,36,960 specimens of which 1,22,329 were tested on Monday alone have so far been tested.

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