Dakshina Karnataka Lockdown Extended Till July 5..!

Pondicherry Lockdown..! Because of the current Covid situation in the Union Territory (UT), the Pondicherry government extended the coronavirus ban on Monday until June 21. (midnight). With the decrease in cases, the authorities have relaxed the restrictions.

Coronavirus in Maharashtra: Lockdown in Amravati, Achalpur extended till  March 8

Marriage-related gatherings with a maximum of 25 guests are now permitted under the new guidelines. Funeral/last rites processions of no more than 20 people have been permitted.

Pondicherry has seen a decrease in the number of new coronavirus cases, with 309 new infections reported on Monday, down from 402 the previous day. The 309 new cases were discovered after examining 7,657 swabs over the previous 24 hours, which ended at 10 a.m.

Monday Overall, Covid-19 cases in the Union territory stood on 1,12,837; after 686 patients recuperated and discharged during the last 24 hours, total recoveries were 1,06,199.

Earlier in the period since midnight of June 7, the corona lock in Pondicherry was extended to June 14. All liqueur categories were permitted from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Pondicherry Executive Committee extended the lockdown by ease of the disaster management act 2005, as the number of new coronavirus cases in the union territory decreased sharply. The order states that “all liquor stores categories, viz. FL.1/2/Arrack and Toddy shops with the exception of the Bars and FL.2 Tourism category permitted by strict adherence to the standard operating procedures issued by that vide circular OC cited under the (2) reference, have been allowed to operate between 09.00 AM and 5.00 PM, with effect from 08.06.2021 up to 14.06.2021 (midnight).”

It added: “The Directive issued by this Department in the circular cited in reference (2) regarding the safety Protocols COVID-19 must therefore be carefully followed in its entirety, with no exception, by liquor shops and also to ensure that crowd-regulation rules are strictly enforced.

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