Five Places In Rajasthan To Explore During Monsoon..!

Five places in Rajasthan is a welcome relief from the state’s scorching heat and dry weather. People in Rajasthan are ecstatic about the rain. During the monsoon season, this state is alive with smiling faces, lush greenery, and breath taking scenery.

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If you enjoy rain, these locations are a must-see. During the monsoon, the rain revitalises the dry and barren land, transforming it into a stunning lush green estate. Here are five places in Rajasthan that you must visit during the monsoon season.

Udaipur: In the Monsoon, the city of the lakes is full of greenery. It offers stunning sights that are a pleasure for your eyes. The rain definitely enhances the aesthetics of the kingdom. In the evening, you can enjoy the lakeside view, the sunset and the cool briskness on your face.

Mount Abu: The majestic hills, especially during the moon, are a romantic getaway. From one of our resorts you can enjoy the weather and have a fast moonsoon trip with your friends. The lake of Nakki is surrounded by greenery and calm blue waters.

Pushkar: During the Monsoon this holy city is totally uplifted. You can visit the Ghat in the rain while you sat in a cafe and drink a hot cup of coffee.

Ranakpur: Ranakpur is the place for you if you like an exhilaration in the forest, with greenery from all over. It lies in the heart of Aravali where the charm of the mountains is visible.

jalore: The landscapes of the green hills are located at the foothills of the Swarnagiri Mountains. The 900 year old Sundha Mata Temple on the Sundha Mountain is a wonderful visit to the Jalore Monsoon.

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